Indian Cheese Corn Toast: Easy and mouth-watering recipes using cheese, corn, bread, and seasoning. Perfect for breakfast or kids snacks – ready in 15 minutes.

It’s a mixture of corn, capsicum in a light white sauce baked on bread.

Indian Cheese Corn Toast is a perfect Appetizer / Back to School Snack / Breakfast.

A Toast To Happiness and Freedom.

Growing up, these Indian Cheese Corn Toast were my absolute favorite after-school snack or weekend breakfast menu.

So when my friend from Family around the table was hosting this week’s #SundaySupper

I had to share this nostalgic recipe along with my other food blogger friends and we are bringing to you a mouthwatering array of Corn Recipes.

This Indian Cheese Corn Toast recipe was a popular pizza substitute too, you know what I mean?

  • You can even call it a Desi Pizza Slice (Desi = Indian), as it had all the toppings we wanted on a pizza and the white sauce (also known as Roux) was a homemade substitute of cheese.

Now, we call the  Indian Cheese Corn Toast, ‘cheese corn toast’ and it makes our weekend brunch/breakfast/appetizer menu so darn easy and delicious. Hence, it was popular in many houses, restaurants and definitely a favorite with kids. Fast Forward couple of years (by couple I mean 10-20yrs?

It’s so easy to make these Indian Cheese Corn Toast and you can use just about any kind of bread you have at home.

  • Just slice them into whatever shapes and there are 2 ingredients that are an absolute MUST for this recipe – Corn and Capsicum (Bell Pepper).
  • The sweetness of the corn, when combined with the spicy/sweet capsicum, adds such an awesome flavor and you can mix any other veggies of choice like onions, carrots, peas (even meat/bacon bits).
  • Just make a simple roux and mix all the veggies.
  • Spoon them on the sliced bread, top it with cheese and bake.

It’s an appetizer, you can make the night before and simply reheat (bake/microwave) and they’re ready to serve.


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